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Why Books Like SSOYA Are Published
(You Won’t Believe It)

     Most of the general public sees books on bookshelves at Barnes and Noble and think that the author has “made it” and that the author makes good money by publishing. With exceptions, that is NOT the case. While authors can make money going with a publisher to publish their books, the vast majority of the revenue stays with the publisher not the author (80%-20% splits are typical).

     The insider secret to many books that are published today will amaze you. It has very little to do with the money an author makes from sales of the book, but instead comes from money that can be made on topics discussed in the book.

Let’s take SSOYA for example

     Did you know that the author has training sessions for advisors to attend so they can learn how to help clients build with through “Hero Solutions?” Hero Solutions seems to be the sales platform advisors work off of to sell clients the solutions discussed in the book SSOYA.

Guess how much the “training” costs? $3500 for two day “training”

     This is ironic since IF the advisors going to the training learn the concepts specifically as discussed in the book, they will be learning the concept using “fuzzy math” vs. real world math which is not really technical training at all. Additionally, if the training covers the tax code like it is covered in the book; advisors will NOT learn how to implement a technically sound plan.

Let’s look at the math on SSOYA training for a minute.

     Assume an author sold 100,000 copies of a book at $35 and let’s say the cost on them is $15 (printing, shipping, advertising, distributions, etc). That leaves a net number of $20 per book to be divided between the publisher and the author. If the author receives 20% of that, the author will take home $400,000. Not bad, but not something you can live on for years to come.

     What if only 500 advisors attended training to learn how to make sales of life insurance or annuities off the concepts covered in the book? How much would an author make on $3,500 training? If you assume $500 in expenses per head as the cost of training, that’s $1.5 million dollars for the author.

     The general public is not privy to the reasons many books are published. The reason is to “up sell” profitable products or training or whatever to people who buy the book (or in this case, to advisors who want to make money selling concepts discussed in the book).

Client Referrals

     Advisors attend training based off of sales books that become popular so they can receive leads from the author. No specific details of how the author of SSOYA is known at this time, but the author of Missed Fortune 101 has a record of selling leads to life insurance and mortgage brokers. For more information on this interesting twist, please click here.